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Lhasa Beer is a great beer

Lhasa Beer is a premium quality all-natural, all-malt Euros-style lager made with the world's finest ingredients including Himalayan Spring Water, Saaz hops, yeast, and 30% Tibetan barley which, unlike most barley varieties in the world, has no husk. This gives the beer a clean flavor without the harsh astringent flavors that can come from the husk.

Lhasa is an easy drinking beer with a medium hop bitterness, nicely balanced by the full bodied but not heavy all malt flavor. Lhasa is highlighted by the wonderful floral bouquet of Saaz hops, perhaps the most elegant and refined of all hop fragrances. From Tibet and the roof of the world comes a refreshing and flavorful beer for your enjoyment.

Good Karma

We have dedicated 10% of profits and equity to philanthropic efforts to support the health, education, and welfare of Tibetan people in Tibet. We also support the preservations of the artistic and cultural heritage of Tibet. We are currently working to support 3 different projects.

The first project is to support a group of 66 very poor nuns in a small retreat place known as Khamdogar. They take turns spending their lives in meditative retreat. It is said that those who support people who do contemplative retreat can as much merit as the person who is actually doing the retreat.

We invite you to join us in these efforts. If you would like to make a direct contribution, please click on the button on the left and choose one of the three projects. ASIA is a federally recognized 501 (C) 3 and your donation is deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

You can help a number of ways of other ways also. You can Sign Up to be kept informed. You can volunteer your time and skills. Or just tell your friends about Lhasa Beer. Every bottle of beer sold helps contribute to Tibet. Thank you so much.

If you love your Lhasa, show the world! Upload a photo of yourself enjoying a delicious Lhasa and be immortalized in our Beer Lovers Gallery! And while you're here, check out your fellow Lhasa Beer Lovers!

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