It initially started as a dream of a traveler touched by the kindness, compassion, and wisdom of the people of Tibet. Looking about and seeing a widespread lack of what we would consider even the most basic needs of life, a commitment was taken to do something to benefit them and to honor their values. While sitting in a Lhasa restaurant and pondering the problem, from sight of a beer bottle an inspiration dawned that commerce and beer could be the means to accomplish those ends.

Since that moment, the seed of this idea has germinated, evolved, and gradually developed into becoming a reality in Dzambuling Imports, is an innovative beverage company, dedicated to building the premium brands of the future. The company has assembled a team of talented and committed professionals who carry a strong heritage of alcohol beverage industry experience both domestically and internationally.

It is led by George Witz; an industry veteran with over 35 years of experience in the regional and national sales, marketing, and management of both domestic and imported brands. We are committed to responsible alcoholic beverage marketing, fully supportive of responsible consumption, and unequivocally opposed to the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors.

Our mission is to offer exceptional products, operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, earn a fair profit, and to dedicate a fair portion of that profit to the betterment of this precious world we all enjoy.

We have embraced the challenge of integrating and balancing both commerce and compassion in a way that will both make a reasonable profit but also enrich and ennoble the lives of others in an ongoing manner. In short, we believe in the spirit of “commerce in service to life”. By enjoying a Lhasa Beer you will be joining and supporting that effort.

In that spirit, we are proud to bring you Lhasa Beer:

“Beer from the Roof of the World”

If you are one of the first to discover and enjoy this remarkable beer, please share it with your friends and while doing so we hope you will:

Drink Responsibly – Please Recycle – Be Kind

Thanks so much. We invite your feedback or suggestions and hope to hear from you. Peace.