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Beer Casino

Do you love and understand beer? Do you know the difference between APA and IPA? Your mother and friends call you a beer expert, and the number of checks on your Untappd'e tends to infinity? Then Beer Casino is just what you need! Don't forget to check 12 games.

An interesting and dynamic game in which you can try 8 different kinds of beer, learn a lot of interesting things about your favorite drink, and win great prizes and have fun in the company of like-minded people. Interested? Sign up, come by yourself and invite your friends. It's time to challenge yourself!

A beer casino is a great way to attract new guests and increase "regulars." You can offer your venue for the game, and we'll bring you 8 members + a support group. Anything they order will go completely into your coffers.

Preparation Stage

What is required from the institution

How the game goes

Often, after the end of the game, guests stay in the institution for a couple more drinks.