Drinking games.

The Best Drinking Games

Summary. We sure that half of us have been playing a lot, and another part has continue to play. Here we collected the most popular games at home with friends or somewhere else where you need to drink beer. If you from the USA and sitting at home alone, try Desert Nights online casino. However, if you can play with friends and drink, do it. Keep collect your lucky, happy moments.

Guess which beer

You need at least 4 brands of beer to play this game. If more are available, the more interesting the game will be. Write the brands of beer on separate pieces of paper and stick each one on the bottom of the corresponding bottle so the players can't see them. The game aims to guess which beer is poured into which glass. The winner is the one who gives the correct answers. And a warning to anyone who drinks beer professionally and thinks they can guess their favourite brand even in their sleep: the game is far from as easy as it looks!

Drunk roulette

Make no mistake - we're talking about a variant of the classic game of 'Russian Roulette', which is much safer, more fun and doesn't involve firing a gun. All it takes is six cans of beer and six brave contestants. Take one can of beer and shake it while no one is looking. Then put it up against the other cans. Then each participant chooses a can and puts it on his or her head. Then they all have to open their cans at the same time. Naturally, the person whose jar has been shaken before gets pelted with beer. This unfortunate person quits the game, while the others move on to the next round. In the end, only one player remains.

The losers get a consolation prize - they can finish their beer (or at least what's left of it).

King's bowl

To play King's Bowl you need a set of 52 classic playing cards. Shuffle the cards and place them on the table face down. Whoever starts the game takes the first card and shows it to the others. Each card has a different meaning. If a queen is hit, all the girls drink, if a jack is hit, all the lads drink, and so on. You can think of a meaning for each card before the game starts.

Are you wondering why the game is called King's Bowl? Kings have a special meaning in this game. Before the game starts, place an empty cup in the centre of the table. The player who draws a king from the pack of cards has to pour some of his drink and that cup.

The player drawing the last, fourth, king must drink the contents of the cup. It's pretty wild. A warning - for serious consumers of alcohol!

Beer Pong

The unusual name of the game comes from table tennis, also known as ping-pong. All you need for Beer Pong is a table, plastic cups, a ping-pong ball and of course plenty of beer. Two people can play the game at the same time - each one stands on his or her own side of the table and plastic cups filled with beer in the shape of a triangle are placed in front of her/him on the table. Each player aims to throw the ball into their opponent's glass, but the ball has to bounce at least once on its way to the glass from the table.

If your opponent hits one of your glasses, you must drink its contents. Simple and effective! The winner is the person who makes their opponent drink all the beer from the glasses.

Beer pong is usually played like a championship - this means players drop out as the championship progresses, and the better you play, the more often you play and the more you drink.


A traditional Korean drinking game.

Requirements: Beer, vodka (or soju in the original game), beer glass, shot.

How many people: Minimum of two.

How to play: Place a beer glass with a beer in the centre of the table and gently lower the mug into it. Then each participant, in turn, pours a drop of vodka into the shot glass. The loser is the one whose fault the shot glass sinks into the beer. As a punishment, he should drink the resulting "Yersh" cocktail in a gulp.


Players will need paper and two pens.

Break into two teams and prepare a standard sea battlefield each. Using imagination (a fairly well-known free software that can be downloaded from any brain), set the rules to suit you. Agree on the number of ships; decide what the miss is (in grams or sips), how much should the team members who have sunk the ship, well, and so on. The game strategy itself is not unlike the classic non-alcoholic version.

It's a breakthrough!

Players will need a napkin, a coin and a cigarette.

Cover a shot glass with a napkin and put a coin on it. Have a smoke. Now the players take turns piercing the paper with the smouldering tip of their cigarette. The one, after whose piercing the coin finally breaks through the napkin and sinks to the bottom, must drink the shot. The coin does not have to be swallowed.

Platypus teardrop cocktail

Players will need a coin.

The first player pours into a shot glass as much as he wants and whatever he wants from any bottle on the table. The resulting mixture (even if it's only ten grams of beer) is dubbed the Duck Tear cocktail. The player then tosses a coin and, while it is spinning in the air, predicts whether it will fall heads or tails. If the guess is correct, the player hands the shot glass to the next participant. He also refills the glass with whatever he likes and tosses a coin. The unfortunate person who fails to guess which way the coin falls, drinks the cocktail. Then it starts all over again.

Skilful hands

What you'll need apart from an appetiser: At least two more drinking buddies.

Sitting at a table, the players take each other's hands and place their palms on the table. As a result, each of them has their right hand on the table, the left hand on the table and the olivier (you can't do without it!). Now the game can begin. Someone shouts out "Left!" (or "Right!") and slams his left palm on the table. This signals the start of a "wave" of clapping clockwise (or counter-clockwise). Accordingly, the next clap, continuing the wave, should be made by the person sitting to the left one across from the first, striking the table with his right palm. Then the player sitting to the left next to the first shall strike with his left, and so on. Penalties are awarded for any mistakes that occur. Hit out of turn, missed a clap, smashed a TV with a chair.

They are taught to swallow

Players will need paper and a pen.

Ideally, this game should start with the first sip of the beer you and your friends order at the bar. But on the other hand, in order not to spoil the pleasure of savouring a beer, prudent people prefer to start the contest not before the last couple of drinks, before they leave. So here's the thing about a friendly match. You have to drink the beer in fewer sips. The loser is supposed to pay for the drink and hold a grudge over the stupid game.


Players will need a coin.

Here's another uncomplicated game to help you pass the time while waiting for your intoxication to arrive. The first player twirls a coin on the table and calls out the name of one of the people sitting next to him. The person called must, without stopping the coin, flick it with their finger to give it extra spinning energy and call out the name of the next player. If the coin stops or flies off the table while doing this, the guilty party is penalised. For the sake of more excitement, additional rules can be made. For example, if a coin stops spinning and drops an eagle, two penalties apply.


Players will need salted peanuts.

Even if none of your friends like salted peanuts, order them to go with your beer anyway. On command, drop a peanut into your glasses at the same time; the peanuts will sink in. But don't rush to mourn them. Pretty soon the gas bubbles will coat the peanuts and bring them to the surface. The loser whose peanut comes up last has to pay for the rest.