Integral to any truly socially responsible business position is consideration of the environmental impact of that business as the well being of the planet is the ground upon which all that is possible and good rests. It is clear that importing a product from afar as opposed to sourcing or producing it locally is not in conformity with environmentally sustainable best practices. We have taken that into consideration along with our other goal of doing business that has a positive social impact in the world, specifically the world of Tibet.

In order to satisfy both objectives we have purchased "forward stream" carbon offsets or RECs to compensate for the effect of bringing the product from Tibet to the US. While imported, this makes the product the carbon equivalent of a domestically produced product. These credits have been purchased through NativeEnergy which is majority owned by the non-profit COUP or the Intertribal Council On Utility Policy. COUP, a consortium of northern Plains tribes, is promoting tribal wind energy development across some twenty Great Plains reservations which are all connected to the federal hydropower grid.

The Intertribal COUPwas founded to help tribes navigate the complex issues that arise in the emerging renewable energy markets. They were a 2007 winner of a World Clean Energy Award. Their goal is to power America with Native wind, and develop revenues based upon clean, renewable energy generation that builds sustainable economies for the tribes, in harmony with tribal cultural beliefs.

Some businesses and organizations that have partnered with NativeEnergy and the Intertribal COUP are the Natural Resources Defense Council, Ben & Jerry's, Seventh Generation, The Dave Matthews Band,Stonyfield Farm, The National Wildlife Federation and others.