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Good Beer

Lhasa Beer is a super premium quality all-natural, all-malt lager beer made with the world's finest ingredients including Himalayan Spring Water, Saaz hops, yeast, and a maximum possible quantity of Tibetan barley. The native Tibetan barley, unlike most barley varieties in the world, has no hull. Thus it adds to the beer's body and gives it an extra dimension of flavor while eliminating some of the undesirable astringency that can come from the grain hulls.

Lhasa is an easy drinking beer with a medium hop bitterness, nicely balanced by the full bodied but not heavy all malt flavor. Lhasa is highlighted by the wonderful floral bouquet of Saaz hops, perhaps the most elegant and refined of all hop fragrances.It is the kind of beer that won't fill you up and the first will taste as delicious as the last. From Tibet and the Roof of the World comes this refreshing and refined beer for your enjoyment.

And while enjoying you can generate some…


Good Karma

Through your purchase of Lhasa Beer you are contributing directly to the well being of people in Tibet. We have dedicated 10% of ongoing profits and total enterprise equity to philanthropic efforts to support the health, education, and general welfare of Tibetan people in Tibet and the preservation of their ancient artistic and cultural heritage. If you want to join us in this effort and help further, click on the “Organizations and Projects” tab to the right to see a list of worthwhile projects in Tibet and NGOs that work there. You can contact them directly to make a tax deductible contribution to support their philanthropic efforts in Tibet.

If you want to contribute in other ways contact us with "Help Tibet" in the subject line. Please state how you would like to help and what skills you can offer. We will connect you with organizations where you can volunteer your time and talents. If you just want to be kept informed about Lhasa Beer let us know and you can get an occasional email informing you about our own philanthropic activities in Tibet and/or the availability of Lhasa Beer in your area. Please tell your friends about Lhasa Beer. Thank you so much.

Lhasa Beer is the first beer anywhere in the world to use the type of barley native to the Tibetan plateau in the modern brewing process.
The Tibet Lhasa Brewery Company Ltd. in Lhasa, Tibet is the world's highest commercial brewery located at 11,975 feet in elevation and it is the only one in the Region.
Compassion for others is a value that is deeply ingrained in the culture of the Tibetan people. This is a value we share and want to support in the world.