Our Commitment

Compassion for others is a value that is deeply ingrained in the culture of the Tibetan people. This is a value we share and want to support in the world. With these considerations in mind, we began this business and have made a commitment to donate 10% of company profits and equity to support direct philanthropic intervention in Tibet.

It is our vision and fervent hope that this business will become an enduring source of support for the Tibetan people. Our goal is to help foster the local conditions and opportunities which will support appropriate development in Tibet. When offered the support needed they can mold their own vision for the preservation their past and preparation for their future in a way that is appropriate to and in accord with their own wishes.

While the ultimate beneficiary of the donations resulting from the purchase of Lhasa Beer will be the people of Tibet, these funds will be directed to internationally recognized NGOs who have demonstrated success in operating in the challenging environment of Tibet. Transparency, cultural sensitivity, local participation, measurable outcomes, and financial accountability will all be project requirements.

Each proposal will be vetted for conformance with our overall program objectives. The ongoing decisions as to which organizations and which projects to fund will be made on the basis of their relative merits, congruent with the existing needs and desires of the local people, and our philanthropic focus.

Our philanthropic focus will be on: education, health care, cultural preservation, environment, vocational training, micro-economic development, and disaster relief. All projects funded will have to conform to the economic development and environmental sustainability guidelines found at: www.tibet.net

The ascent to the grace of our full human potential is achieved only when we crown the glory of our own accomplishments with service to others. For it is by what we receive that we earn a living; but it is through what we give that we gain a truly meaningful life.

And though we are not yet profitable, we feel it is important for the “karma of good intention” to be supported by the “karma of right action”. So we have begun to effect our commitment by sponsoring 35 people in Tibet: a mixture of children and nuns who are engaging in life long mediation. This is just our small first step. We hope to sponsor 1,000+ individuals in 5 years. If you can open your heart and join us in this effort, please go to the Organizations and Projects tab and contribute to one of the groups listed there. Thank you. Peace.

Following is the New Year greeting from one of the places where we are sponsoring in Tibet.