Social Responsibility

It is our belief that businesses should not just strive for profits but must also take into consideration a full range of issues such as: human rights, the environment, workplace safety, a living wage, gender equality, age discrimination, child labor, etc.

Businesses should consider the effects of their decisions to be sure that they are not deleterious to or violate the most fundamental principles of life. Among these are, the freedom from danger, having enough to eat, a sheltered place to sleep, an opportunity to fairly earn one’s way in the world, and the hope these positive conditions can provide for a better future. In addition to the drive for profits businesses must recognize the value of all people, all life, and that of the world around us. Much of today’s global turmoil is the result of greed and discrimination against or disregard for others. We can not have a sustainable future or real peace until there is reasonable measure of social and economic justice for all. All people deserve a dignified life which meets their basic needs. There will always be those who by virtue of education, hard work, talent, or simple good fortune bring them more positive circumstances and, always those who for any number of reasons who do not reap a similar harvest. Still, in any case, all people have an equal right to the basic needs of life.

Members of the business community are in aggregate one of the most potent forces in the world. One of the best ways to solve the myriad of problems the world faces is to harness the powerful engine of commerce to provide solutions for those problems instead of creating them. However commerce, in and of itself, holds no value beyond profit. It can only become a force for good if it is based upon positive values.

We must not wait and wish for an ideal world, but rather we must embrace the values which will contribute to creating that world. Simultaneously holding consideration for both people and profit, allows for the motivation of profit and the innovation that springs from it but also augments that with an understanding of the interdependence of all things, the long term mutual benefit of taking others into consideration, and the intrinsic reward of contributing to a more peaceful and sustainable world now and for the future.

The supermarket is a voting booth. With each product we purchase we cast a vote for our own values and those we want to see in the world. These votes are monitored on a daily basis by commerce and carefully watched as all business are totally dependent upon their customers. Business always follows the money. If people shift their choices to products which support positive values with positive action it will not go unnoticed, and the momentum of regular daily purchase activities can become a powerful force for creating lasting positive change.