The Beer

Lhasa Beer is the first beer anywhere in the world to use the type of barley native to the Tibetan plateau in the modern brewing process. This ground breaking development is the innovation of Master Brewer Alan Kornhauser. He is a repeat winner of multiple gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival and has worked in many different breweries, large and small,domestically and overseas. He specially re-formulated Lhasa Beer for export to discerning beer drinkers around the world. It is carefully crafted it to take advantage of the unique characteristics of Tibetan barley while minimizing the problems that its use presents in the brewing process.

Lhasa Beer is 4.6% alcohol by volume. It is an elegant refined beer that pairs equally well with food or is very easy to enjoy just on its own. It is brewed with the world’s finest ingredients and utilizes a carefully designed and controlled brewing process to blend the best qualities of those ingredients into a delicate and delicious balance.

Lhasa Beer is highlighted by the pronounced floral nose of Saaz hops which is characteristic of fine European pilsners and lagers. Saaz are the gold standard of aroma hops and the most expensive hops in the world. It has a medium hop bitterness balanced with its full body and crisp flavor like that of other fine all malt beers, but the use of the native Tibetan barley in the brewing process also gives the beer an extremely smooth clean finish.

We invite you to compare it with other beers and see for yourself the difference these special ingredients and careful preparation can make.